Dr. Tanima Bhattacharjya

Ph. D Topic:
Maximum usage of solar power under different conditions

Year Awarded: 2015

Current Position:
Scientific Officer at DSTE, Tripura

Dr. Subhash Singh

Ph. D Topic:
Speciality aluminium MMC’s with unmodified and modified SiC for high performance application

Year Awarded: 2016

Current Position:
Assistant Professor at NIT Jamshedpur, Jharkhand

Dr. Vinay Panwar

Ph. D Topic:
Use of different graphene-derivatives to prepare high-performance polymeric composites

Year Awarded: 2017

Current Position:
Assistant Professor, Netaji Subhas University of Technology, Dwarka, New Delhi

Dr. Navjot Kaur

Ph. D Topic:
Use of carbon based nanofillers for energy harvesting applications

Year Awarded: 2019

Dr. Atul Kumar

Ph. D Topic:
Effect of cryo-FSP on microstructural evolution and mechanical properties of stir cast Al7075-SiC
p nanocomposites

Year Awarded: 2019

Current Position:
Assistant Professor, VIT Vellore, Chennai

Dr. Jitendra Bahadur

Ph. D Topic:
Fabrication of organic/inorganic lead halide based perovskite solar cell under ambient conditions

Year Awarded: 2019

Current Position:
Postdoctoral Fellow, Chung-Ang University, Seoul, South Korea

Dr. Souvik Bag

Ph. D Topic:
Carbon nanofillers based thin films for toxic gas sensor applications

Year Awarded: 2019

Current Position:
Postdoctoral Research Associate, Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST), Republic of Korea

Dr. Keerti Rathi

Ph. D Topic:
Fabrication of low-dimensional nanomaterials-based sensors for humidity and toxic gas detection

Year Awarded: 2020

Current Position:
Postdoc Researcher in Gyeongsang National University, Jinju, South Korea

Dr. Manmeet Kaur

Ph. D Topic:
Advanced nanomaterials synthesis for hydrogen storage applications

Year Awarded: 2021

Dr. Tushar Roy

Ph. D Topic:
Polymer nanohybrids for proton exchange membrane in fuel cells

Year Awarded: 2021

Dr. Nidhi Pal

Ph. D Topic:
Cellulose nanocrystals and graphene reinforced polymeric bio nanocomposites

Year Awarded: 2021

Dr. Pushpendra Singh

Ph. D Topic:
Development of high capacitance material for binder free solid-state and suspension based electrochemical capacitors

Year Awarded: 2021

Current Position:
Scientist, Godi India Pvt. Ltd.

Dr. Narayan Debnath

P.hD. Topic:

Polymer nanocomposites for advanced structures and automotive parts

Year awarded: 2022


Dr. Swati Singh

P.h.D Topic:
Polymeric-metallic nanostructures for site-targeted drug delivery in cancer.
Year Awarded: 2023


Sr. No.Name of StudentYearTitle of the DissertationStatus
1Mr. Gangaram Mandoloi2014Experimentation on MRR, surface finish and tool wear on HSS tool steel using different tool materialsAwarded
2Mr. Ravi Kumar2014Investigation and simulation of fracture mechanism of aluminum alloyAwarded
3Mr. Pankaj Sharma2014Polymer nanocomposites for high performance applicationAwarded
4Mr. Rajneesh Raghav Tamta2014An investigation of tool wear, material removal rate and surface roughness by copper alloy tool on stainless steel in EDM processAwarded
5Mr. Vijay Kr. Pandey2015Prediction of fracture mechanism for polymer nanocompositesAwarded
6Mr. Ananya Chetri2015Speciality polymer matrix composite for automobile applicationAwarded
7Mr. Pratip Roy2015Influence of FSP on AA7075/SiC/CB metal matrix compositesAwarded
8Mr. Sourav Baraik2016Modified Carbon Filler Reinforced Aluminium CompositesAwarded
9Mr. Prateek Rajput2016Preparation of Al Composite by FSP for high performance applicationAwarded
10Mr. Suruj Protim Neog2016Influence of Nanofillers on Mechanical and Microstructural Analysis of Friction Stir Welded Dissimilar Aluminium AlloysAwarded
11Mr. Akhilesh Kumar Tiwari2017Thermal modelling and experimental validation of electric discharge machining processAwarded
12Mr. Pankaj Bisht2017Studies on different filler input by FSW on dissimilar metal jointsAwarded
13Mr. Santosh Kumar2017Microstructure, mechanical properties and residual stresses as a function of input parameters in aluminum alloy by FSWAwarded
14Ms. Barkha Singh2017Quantum dots conjugated drug delivery system encapsulated in  biodegradable polymer microspheresAwarded
15Mr. Arekh Sharma2017Metal matrix composites for aerospace applicationsAwarded
16Mr. Abhishek Gautam2018Polymer based nanocomposites for drug deliveryAwarded
17Mr. Vikas Gangwar2018Studies on strength enhancement in porosity reduction in MMC’s by Friction Stir Welding processAwarded
18Mr. Sumit Kumar2018Effects of the materials on the design of mechanical housing for space craft electronics packagesAwarded
19Mr. Dixit Khandelwal2019Perovskite solar Cell: Fabrication and CharacterizationAwarded
20Mr. Pranjal Gupta2019Fatigue crack growth behavior of friction stir welded 7075-T651 and 6082-T6 aluminium alloysAwarded
21Mr. Prashant Mani Sharma2019Effect of preheat and post heat treatment on the properties and the microstructure of aluminium-6082 by friction stir weldingAwarded
22Mr. Vikas Singh2019Porosity and mechanical properties evaluation of friction stir welded dissimilar metal componentsAwarded
23Mr. Shrimanta Sundar Ramchiary2020Curcumin loaded fluorescent carbon dots conjugated drug delivery system encapsulated in biodegradable PLA microspheresAwarded
24Mr. Aman Kumar2021Magnesium based alloys for orthopedic applicationAwarded
25Mr. Chandrapal Singh2022Targeted Drug DeliveryAwarded
26Mr. Amit Kumar2022Modelling of Magnesium based alloys for orthopedic applicationAwarded
27Mr. Sarvajeet Singh2022Magnesium based alloys for orthopedic applicationAwarded


Sr. No.Name of StudentYearTitle of the DissertationStatus
1Mr. Alluri Vikas Varma2014Simulation of fatigue crack initiation for solid samples


2Mr. Banoth Veeranna
3Mr. Arjun Kholia2015Tensile testing & characterization of plain and friction stir processed Aluminum 6061-T6


4Mr. Rajat Goyal
5Mr. Bharat Garg
6Mr. Hitesh Garg2015Inventory Management in warehousingAwarded
7Mr. Rishabh Panwar
8Mr. Saurav Parle2017Investigation of Electric Discharge Machining of Stainless SteelAwarded
9Mr. Sandeep Singh
10Mr. Ambalal Bairwa
11Mr. Ankit Kumar2017Strength Improvement and Prediction of Crack in Plastic ProductAwarded
12Mr. Harmanpreet Singh
13Mr. Sunandan Sharma
14Mr. Arun Yadav2017Using Different Input Parameters for Friction Stir Welding of Aluminium AlloyAwarded
15Mr. Hemant Yadav
16Mr. Bhupender Kumar Lawa
17Mr. Amit Gond2018Metal Matrix Composites for Orthopaedic ApplicationAwarded
18Mr. Amit Kumar Baghel
19Mr. Ankiv Kumar Maurya2018ParameterOptimization and Simulation for Electrochemical Flow CapacitorAwarded
20Mr. Aaditya Pandya
21Mr. Shubham Kumar
22Mr. Rakesh Kumar2018Synthesis and Application of Transition Metal Carbides via Ball MillingAwarded
23Mr. Shubham Jindal
24Mr. Vivek Kumar
25Mr. Amit Mosalpuriya2019Fabrication of Portable Gas Sensor DeviceAwarded
26Mr. Deepak Jangid
27Mr. Aditya Kumar Sinha2019Device Fabrication of Water Splitting UnitAwarded
28Mr. Dileep Kumar Vimal
29Mr. Subham Kumar
30Mr. Mayank Jadaun2019Fabrication and Simulation of Proton-Exchange MembraneAwarded
31Mr. Ankur Gupta2020Biomechanical Study of Metallic Biomaterials for Orthopaedic ApplicationAwarded
32Mr. B. Sri Vardhan Reddy
33Mr. Durgesh Singh
34Mr. Dheerendra Pratap Meena2020Machining of Hard to Cut MaterialAwarded
35Mr. Gopal Ram
36Mr. Jogesh Kumar
37Mr. Pratik2021Finite Element Modelling and Simulation of Bone Remodeling in the Presence of Functionally Graded Orthopedic ImplantsAwarded
38Mr. Deepak Kumar